Webring your car
Car subscribe service exclusive for foreigners in Korea

Our service

위브링이 제공하는 특별한 서비스

중고차 구독

Car Subscription

공항 픽업 서비스 / 기사의전 서비스

Aiport Pick-up Service & Tour with driver

단기 대여

Short-term Car Rental

중고차 매매

Purchase Used-car

위브링은 국내 거주 외국인에게 맞춤형
편리한 차량 구독 서비스를 제공합니다.
Car rental service exclusive 
for foreigners in Korea
국내 거주 외국인 맞춤 차량 렌탈 서비스

Multiple Languages Service Available

Online document submission& examination

Monthly payment through card registration

Are you having trouble renting a car due to your foreign status?

외국인이라는 이유로 차량이용 어려우신가요?

Limitation of financial services

 금융서비스 제약

Complex document preparation & examination 

복잡한 서류준비 및 심사

Absence of language Services 

언어 서비스의 부재

Various foreign languages service provided! 
Please do not panic when an unexpected situation occur! We provide various foreign language services for customers who aren’t fluent in Korean

돌발 상황이 생겨도 당황하지 마세요! 
한국어가 서툰 분들을 위해 다양한 외국어 서비스를 지원하고 있어요.
Rent a car when and wherever you are,
through rapid online screening!

No need to visit us. 
Plenty of time is saved 
through online screening!

모든 심사는 비대면으로 이루어지기 때문에 
많은 시간을 세이브할 수 있어요!
Simply register your card,
and auto submit your monthly payment
Debit card, credit card, CMS are all allowed. As auto payment is available, you do not have to be bothered by monthly manual payment.

체크카드, 신용카드 , CMS 모두 사용이 가능하며,
등록 즉시 자동 정기결제로 번거롭게 매달 결제할 필요가 없어요!

Enjoy your drive with
Webring Service


현대 아반떼 $450/month


현대 싼타페 $900/month


현대 쏘나타 $500/month

All of our customers who used our service say

- are satisfied by simple car rent service
- Quick rents through simplified document subimssion and screening.
- Custom rental dates available
- Debit cards allowed for monthly payments

Canadian worker of Pos**
who lived in Korea for 2 years

“It’s greatly convenient when renting a car because the standards are simplified.” 



Russian worker who lived in Korea 
for 6 months

“It is just so convenient as everything is done online”



Worker of a Korean corporation who lived in Korea for a year. 

“Highly recommended! It gives clear guide to any accidents and maintenance without burden.” 



English teacher who lived in Korea for 5 years 

“It is easy to use because of monthly auto payment and flexible usage period”



We offer premium one-stop rent service specialized for foreigners. 

Although we do our best to provide your desired vehicle through our expert assistance,
vehicle’s availability may be limited in certain circumstances.